If you can use a large dog bed for under $15, you’ll want to go here today!

I saw this deal today and thought that our new puppy, Clancy, would love to have it to curl up on after being outdoors in this lovely Chicago “spring”.  Take a look at his current bed situation.  I’m picking up the new one today!

Looking for a new place to put your bed?. Contact the Dave Murphy Team at Keller Williams Realty Partners today!

Planning to sell your house?  Let’s have a conversation about paint colors and staging to put your best foot forward.  Eye-pleasing interior design hides a multitude of sins, I promise you.  It also happens to be a passion of mine and one of my most valued complimentary services offered to our clients.

Fun fact:  Bridget and her sister “rescue furniture abandoned on curbs like sane people do stray animals”.  These items are used to stage clients homes (and their own).  You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint, an antique window and a vase full of sticks can do to a mantle!

One of our favorite BEFORE & AFTERS:

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